ride for charlieAfter a great evening with the Chimp 4 Charlie we hope you all enjoyed the experience, it was great to do something as a group and be actively involved. I apologise to any parent who would have liked to come, Tim only invited parents 10mins before the start and the space was limited. We had a full room and the children were really engaged. If you take nothing more from the presentation please remember to have fun and work not only hard on the physical aspect of sport but also build the ability to win well and lose well. Charlie Craig had no fear of failure and everything was fun. Be passionate, be focused and talk to your coaches if you need them. We have great kids and talent, however your goals are your own, make them happen. Get yourselves up for morning training, want to be there and SMILE. 

We raised £157.00 any other donations can be added here https://www.rideforcharlie.com/donate/

View photos here.
Photo Credit to Gary McCaffery

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