Monthly payments should be set up on a standing order basis, within your membership packs all banks details and payment methods are included. Any queries contact Claire Hendry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ASA Membership Fees (collected annually)
Teaching Pool: £20
Main Pool: £35

Monthly Training Fees
(Please note Training Fees are annual fees but spread over 12 equal monthly payments)

From 1st March 2017

FEE 10% OFF (for 3 or more swimmers in family)
TP 1 to 4 £23 £20.70
Development 1& 2 £26 £23.40
Development 3 £32 £28.80
Juniors £36 £32.40
Club 1 £44 £39.60
Club 2 £44 £39.60
Club 3 £44 £39.60
Masters £44 £39.60

ASA Membership
In addition to your monthly membership there is a yearly ASA Membership, this is essential for all club swimmers and officials at the club, it is the membership for the Governing Body of Swimming.
There are particular levels; Teaching pool swimmers is cheaper as they don’t compete and will not feature on National rankings. Main pool swimmers, swim time and results will be ranked nationally and you will be able to access your personal best times on an official ASA date base. The link to this is here: ASA rankings database.  ASA membership is necessary for all swimmers to be part of the club and it must be paid on a yearly basis. The club will email you an update when memberships are due.

Many people don’t realize there are several benefits from being an ASA membership you can find out more about this here.
We advise all swimmers to keep and store their ASA membership number somewhere safe as it is needed on competition entry forms. If you are unsure of your membership number speak up or it can be found using your surname online. For more information on ASA membership click here

Personal Best Times