From 3rd June 2018

Club 1,2,3 5.00 – 5:40: Studio LW
Juniors 5.50 – 6.30: Studio/Poolside LW
Masters 6:30 – 7.00:  Poolside SS
Club 3 5.55 – 6:15 Stretching: Poolside GM

Club 3 you will be taken through a mobility and stretching protocol that you will adhere to at all times and will become part of your pre training and competition prep, it is hopeful this will be rolled out to the other groups within your Land Training sessions.  At present there isn’t enough focus or attention paid to the development of range of movement or functional strength .

You will have a break from functional LT from 5:40 to 5:55 where I expect you to hydrate and maybe take a small pre training snack/supplement


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