Parents Code of Conduct

  • Complete and return the ASA Registration Form and Child Information Form as requested by the club and detail any relevant health concerns on the form. Any changes in the state of the child’s health should be reported to the club. Ensure the club has up to date contact details for you.
  • Deliver and collect your child punctually to and from the coaching sessions/swim meets.
  • If the club changes your child’s lane and time, please remember the change is to provide appropriate levels of training and enable your child to progress and should be facilitated and encouraged at all times.
  • Ensure your child is properly and adequately attired for the training session/event including all required equipment, hat, goggles and all relevant training kit.
  • Inform the coach before a session if your child is to be collected early from a coaching session/meet and if so by whom.
  • Behave responsibly as a spectator at training/meets and treat swimmers, coaches, committee members and parents of yours and other clubs with due respect.
  • Show appreciation and support your child and all the team members.
  • Support the Head Coach and Committee and raise any concerns you have in an appropriate manner.
  • If you wish to have a discussion with the coach please speak to them after a session to arrange a suitable time.
  • Most of all help your child enjoy the sport and achieve to the best of their ability.


Swimmers Code of Conduct

  • Treat all members of the club correctly.
  • The use of inappropriate or abusive language, bullying, harassment, discrimination or physical violence will not be tolerated and could result in action being taken through the club disciplinary or child welfare policy.
  • Arrive in time for the session, land warm ups are beneficial, but do  not come on poolside without a lifeguard present.
  • Have all your kit with you e.g.: pull buoy/kick board/fins /paddles/club kit/drinks bottle.
  • Show commitment and effort in races and training.
  • Go to the toilet before training and inform the coach if you need to leave the pool during training.
  • Listen to what your coach is telling you and inform your coach if you are unwell or injured.
  • Do not pull or sit on the lane ropes as this may injure other swimmers.
  • Do not skip lengths or sets as you are only cheating yourself.
  • Think about what you are doing during training and what you are learning.
  • Behave sensibly in the changing rooms. Females and males should not share changing cubicles.


Coaches Code of Conduct / Ethics

  • Put the well-being, health and safety of members above all considerations including developing performance.
  • Comply with the codes, rules and laws within the guidelines set out by the ASA
  • Work without discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, language, religion, birth or social status as set out in the equal opportunities policy.
  • Respect the basic human rights, worth and dignity of each member.
  • Not encourage swimmers, volunteers, officials or parents to violate the rules of the club or the sport.
  • Observe the authority and the decisions of all officials.
  • Encourage all swimmers to obey the spirit of the rules and laws both in and out of the pool ,ensure that all teaching and training and competition programmes are appropriate for the age, ability and experience of the individual swimmer.
  • Treat other competitors and teams with respect, in victory and defeat.

Club Kit

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