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Chimp Management with Tim


Many of you will have known felt and heard the news we and swimmers received the evening of the last club champs presentation evening, regarding a Derbyshire Boy. Charlie Craig, who went to sleep on Friday the 20th January 2017 and didn’t wake up. Charlie was a hugely talented athlete specializing in Cyclocross and mountain biking winning numerous titles. I know a lot of the swimmers knew Charlie and both me and Gary were deeply saddened by the news. Charlie was supported by Derbyshire Sport. He died of a silent heart condition, and since his death the charity C.R.Y have worked closely with his friends and family. For information about C.R.Y visit

Charlie’s legendry personality touched everyone. I have taken this from his website. “This is something we hope we can all learn from this special boy, he had time, patience and smiled constantly, he had passions that most of us may never experience he loved life”. Charlie’s family has organised a charity specifically for young athletes to support them in their races. Alongside this Tim Buckle has offered to run Chimp for Charlie workshops for young people mainly cyclists; however I asked for you guys to have a session because I believe in you, and I want to provide you with as many opportunities to be the best people and athletes you can be. Tim kindly agreed to run a workshop for Matlock swimmers.

Tim will run a Chimp Management session, which is applied Sports psychology. Chimp Management works with the athletes in regards to their emotional thoughts and attitudes within

  • Competition
  • Communication
  • Ownership and responsibility for progress
  • Managing setbacks for example injury, poor performance
  • Confidence and anxiety


Sir Professor Steve Peters who has designed the Chimp Management is the most respected Sports Psychologist and worked with many GB athletes. Tim’s workshop will be delivered at a fun and interesting level for swimmers. It’s a taster session to help increase swimmers motivation and passion. We have already recommended the Chimp Paradox book to a number of swimmers to help them with their performance.  

I encourage swimmers to look at the Ride for Charlie facebook page and the Ride for Charlie website Please can swimmers and parents watch this you tube video!!!!
#Ride for Charlie (You tube search)


We always say we have the best kids at Matlock you’re funny, you’re happy and you’re mates and we are super proud of you all. I would like you all to attend the session and take the opportunity to learn and please donate as much or as little as you can to the Ride for Charlie Charity (There will be a bucket on the day for donations).  You will be donating to young people like yourself just doing a different sport.

 Chimp Management philosophy is simple
Being happy and successful starts with you being in a good place.
I don’t think anyone would disagree with this.


The session will take place Sunday 14th January at 4.45pm prompt.

The session is open to Junior, Club 1,2 and 3, for one week only you can miss land training, the land training will be cancelled this week, junior swimmers are also allowed to miss their normal swim session.

For more information regarding Chimp Management look here.

Ride for Charlie Website is
#Ride for Charlie (You tube search)


Train hard, and make 2018 your year! Believe!
Diane xxx #rideforcharlie #noshortcuts


Please find link to the Entries to the 2017 Club Champs  There is a sheet for each evenings events. 

Please can you check your swimmers entries and advise of any errors by emailing  to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 12pm on Thursday 16th November.  All start sheets for the event will be printed that evening.  We can not make any changes once the start sheets are printed.

Thank you

The Gala Team



Friday 17th November  7.00.p.m. warm up  7.15.p.m. start prompt.
Sunday 19th November 4.45.p.m. warm up 5.00.p.m. start prompt.
Friday 24th November 7.00.p.m. warm up 7.15.p.m. start prompt.

Lessons in the small pool on Friday 17th and Friday 24th for TP1 and TP2 will be as normal.

TP 3 and TP4 lessons in the main pool on Friday 17th and Friday 24th are cancelled because of the club champs. Most of the swimmers in these groups are swimming in the club champs anyway.

Thank you 

The Gala Team

Download here accepted entries for the Derbyshire Long Course Meet on 3rd December 2017 at Ponds Forge Sheffield. 

Please can you check the entries and ensure all details are correct  Entry times are taken from the site.

Any error need to be reported by 20th November at the latest.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Accpetance List

Officials for Club Championships

Please indicate on the noticeboard at the ARC if you can make the sessions.

Celebrate your success at the Club Champs followed by a (club only) roller disco from 17:30 till 20:00.....Sunday 17 December 2017 (training cancelled that night due to a gala). Presentations 17:45 prompt (doors open 17:30). You are welcome to come along even if you didn't race in the club champs.

Tickets Tickets are priced at £5 / TP1-TP4 free (or non-swimmers 8 years and under free). Please note no unaccompanied under 16’s. The price includes skate hire; the cafe will be open for refreshments. We have a private booking of the venue for 100 people. The Venue is:  Derby Roller World, Mansfield Road, Derby, DE21 4AW.

Tickets available only on this website here:
We do need to know numbers in advance - final ticket sales will be Friday 8 Dec; there will be no ticket sales on the door. Ticket sales will be terminated before 8 Dec if all 100 tickets are sold.

Forms are now available for Club Championships 2017. 

Forms need to be returned by Tuesday 7th November at the very latest to avoid disappointment.

Entry forms are now available for the Ripley Open Meet Sunday 7th Jan 2018 and Rotherham Metro Open Meet at Ponds Forge Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st Jan

Below are a list of the Major Open Meets, we plan to attend. We stress these are club events that swimmers should be entering and competing in. We would like to see more swimmers racing at competitive level this year. If you struggle with entry time or filling out the form, please don’t hesitate to ask.

January 7th Ripley open meet Level3

January 20/21 Rotherham Metro Open Meet at Ponds Forge
February 17/18 Derbyshires

February 24/25 Derbyshires
May 6th Eckington open meet Level 3

June 9th Ripley open meet at Alfreton

June 24th Notts Northern open meet.

September 29 6th MAD open meet.

December 2nd Derbyshires at Ponds Forge.

This list has also been compiled on a new website page called Target Open Meets, which can be found in the Events section.
In addition to the above, other Open meets may occur, but are not necessarily club targeted events, therefore no dedicated coach will be attending.
League and Local galas will be on the notice board as normal, please tick or cross CLEARLY. Also if you cannot swim and have ticked your name, please contact someone, four swimmers ticked and failed to show up at the last gala, leaving relay teams and races unfilled and disappointed children as numbers were too short to make up relays. It also makes it hard for the volunteers that help out on poolside. Please just let someone know, so adaptations can be put into place.

Thank you to everyone who came to the 5th MAD Open meet on 30th September 2017.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who volunteered and gave up their day to make this such a huge success, without you all we couldn't have done it.

Well done to all the swimmers who took part, you we're all fabulous. 

A special well done to Tom Burch from Matlock Swimming Club and Chloe Quinn from Sutton Swimming Club who were awarded the Top Boy and Top Girl Trophy.

Full Results can be found HERE

The 2018 Meet is already booked so please save the date of 29th September. 

Keep an eye on the website for entry information, we hope to have this available in the spring of next year.

From all the MAD Team

Bob started teaching for the club when his own children were still swimming back in the early noughties..

Since then his daughter, Marissa, has moved onto Uni and Sam is now one of our trusted Lifeguards..

Here's some picutres from Bob's last sessions on Friday 31st March.

Bob, now you've hung up your stop watche, "may the MAD be with you!"

Club 2 and 3 raised £40 for Red Nose Day by swimming choosing to wear shorts for their training session on Red Nose Day.

How would you like to help out when your son/daughter is swimming? You might save a life. Your Life Guard only has 2 eyes and with your help you double his/her vision. How do you do it? Simply, become a Spotter. You will need to attend a short meeting for a briefing on what is expected and you may even get to wear a special T-shirt. If interested please contact Marie Davey via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After the first round of the Derwert League we want to highlight a few points. The team spirit was great the atmosphere on poolside was a pleasure to be part of with all swimmers encouraging each other. With Lucas Bennett.s energy and dodgey pony tail bouncing around the whole teams mood was on a high.

The swimmers did brilliant with loads of personal best times and some stand out outstanding races. Top 3 swims go to Suzanna Fraiser, 100m fc 1.01 Jamie Everest 1.01 and Finn Everest 100m fc 1.07. We were really pleased with the younger end of the team too, even tho we weren’t winning everything we had a full team and the swimmers gave 100% so Well done everyone. Tom Burch, and Ellen Patton did a sterling job of team captains and kept the younger swimmers in check. The girls prep did involved a lot of hair plating, which I’m sure this made them more hydrodynamic. We came 4th overall but 3rd is definitely a goal we need to strive for. If we get 3rd next time we promise a fun group relay session that you always ask for on a Friday evening.

Areas we can develop as a whole team are

-       Keep the basic rules in mind at ALL times

-       We were DQ for backstroke finishes too often

-       Come with race kit (not baggy training trunks) we don’t expect you to have the latest 300 pound suit, but some well fitted race trunks and costumes are essential. They will make you faster and you will feel faster.

-       Take some spare goggles

-       Wear your club kit

-       Warm up dry side before your race

-       Focus on your changeovers on the relays

-       Go into the race positive

-       Watch the older swimmers, watch other teams

-       Get feedback on your race off the coaches

-       Have a laugh but on the block get serious get focused and concentrate

-       Make sure your attendance at training is high

-       You cant except to perform if you don’t train properly and regularly

-       We all must work harder and be better at dives and turns!!!!

Lets not give away easy points!

Till next time – happy training

Di and Gary

Hello everyone

As most of you will know I spend a lot of my time training hard and chasing around the country racing at triathlon and cyclocross. However this year I have decided to take a little time to reflect before my main races start. I have decided with the support of Gary to ride the North Coast 500 for the charity SANDS (Still born and neonatal death charity) in honour of some close friends that lost a baby in 2015.

Life's busy and sometimes it is easy to forget how fragile life is, I am not going to race round the north coast 500, I am going to ride it hard, but enjoy the beauty of the place, while thinking of others. I have many personal motivations to help steer me to this challenge adding to this, is the recent death of a talented local, 15 year cyclocross rider which will also add to my motivation, it's reminded me deeply that tomorrow is not guaranteed. I will also have all the swimmers at Matlock on my mind, we have a great club and we grow not just great athletes but great kids.

I will be supported by some great sponsors that I'm proud to represent Velobici, Mark Anthony Cycles, High5, Results Fitness & Swimming, but the main reason is to raise money to help others with the help of  SANDS. This is not in the slightest a doom and gloom story for me it's about making positive things happen. So the plan is not to race around but to appreciate what we are so lucky to have and raise some awareness for SANDS.

Any support from the swimming club members would be great, there's no pressure to sponsor me I have no target to raise or target time to achieve this is purely a challenge. If you wish to donate, please  go to and you can also follow my progress at

Love Di X

Sunday 3 July, 2016, saw a squad of twenty three ‘MAD’ swimmers descend on Alfreton for the annual Ripley Rascals July open meet. The swimmers had a very successful day as was evident in them achieving a total of forty personal bests between them!

The atmosphere and team spirit on the day was fantastic with the squad really getting into the warm-up routines and the ‘sing-a-long’! (see Di for evidence!). To quote from the Rascals website, “The swimmers deserve to be proud of their performances both in the pool and between races (numerous comments were made as to how well they had all behaved). We hope that they all achieved their goals and enjoyed it as much as the smiles suggested.”

Results to be published soon.

Report provided by Phil Barrett