30 Sep 2023

Reminder of Changes to Club Timetable

The club timetable changes from Tuesday 3RD October 2023.


We have carefully planned Sundays to make sure training is more effective for all.

From Sunday 8th October Land training we will be weekly for Club 2/3 and Masters. Land Training will focus on mobility and motor control, sports specific movement patterns, core strength, endurance and explosive speed.

Land training will be delivered so swimmers can adapt and train at their own level; adaptations and alternatives will be provided by the coaches. All swimmers are welcome.

Gary and Steph are both fully qualified Instructors and have together planned clear objectives for their sessions, so they complement each other.  Club 2/3 swimmers - land training should be attended where possible. Water time has been reduced on a Sunday so land training has become increasingly important and more managed so that swimmers can do both.

Masters / over 18’s swimmers, have the choice to do land training or 1- or 2-hours of swimming. Masters who swim from 4.15pm (2hrs) are expected to swim for the full 2 hours. We don’t want masters swimming the first hour and then getting out. Remember the main Masters session is the second hour at 5.15pm. The decision can be made around your goals. Masters can attend land training and not swimming if they wish.

All swimmers need to wear suitable clothing and clean trainers.

Land training is fun, energetic and team building. We really hope you all will make the most of the opportunities we are providing, with you in mind.

Can we remind swimmers that if you do not attend sessions, we may struggle to keep these opportunities open.

Sundays - Dev 1/2/3/Club 1

On Sundays we are encouraging swimmers to attend whenever possible, Sunday offers a great opportunity to work on skills and stroke techniques. MAD uses the whole pool on Sunday and with the additional lane space it is ideal for you to dial in on your training.  If swimmers have any ideas or things they would like to work on please share these with your coaches or captains. It would be great to have all the club working together on a Sunday.

Morning training – Friday

Friday morning swimming is open to all Club 1 / 2 / 3 and Masters, we would like to remind swimmers doing double swim sessions is highly valuable. Morning training is 6.30-7.30am; give it a try it is really quite enjoyable once you have managed to get out of bed!  The feel-good factor of morning training is good for everyone and justifies a second breakfast.


Dev 3 - 18.30 – 19.30 (new time)

Club 2 - 19.00-20.00 (new session)



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