Race Information

This information is to guide you through your swimming experience and improve your fitness and technique:

Gala and racing - need to know

Racing Starts
  • The first whistle swimmers will hear will be 3 short blasts followed by a long whistle. The referee will stretch out their arm. That signal means the swimmers are under the starter's control.
  • The starter will than whistle for the swimmers to step on to the block.
  • Swimmers will then be give the command “take your marks”
  • At this point the swimmers must stay perfectly still on the blocks, any movement will lead to disqualification.
  • Swimmers than must listen for the start signal – whistle - take your marks – beep
  • At the end of the race swimmers must stay in the water until they are told to clear the water.
Frontcrawl sprints
  • Over short distances 50m or less, swimmers should limit their breathing.
  • Swimmers should not breathe off the start.
  • Swimmers should not breathe into the wall on the finish.
  • Swimmers should increase the tempo of their arms.
Breaststroke Sprints
  • Swimmers must touch with two hands on turns or finishes
  • If swimmers do not want to do a BR push and glide underwater they must do nothing but a push and glide or dive.
  • A BR push and glide consists of the following
  • One fly kick - One BR pull – one BR kick only

General Tips
  • All swimmers must be silent at the start of the race
  • Swimmers must never walk past the starter at the beginning or end of a race.
  • All swimmers must be wear FINA approved racing costumes – two strapped goggles are recommended.
  • Swimmers need to pack and prepare their own swimming bags.
  • Warm club clothing.
  • Spare kit is very important at gala
  • Focusing on the block is very important, listen to start instructions carefully.
  • Have fun and do your best.
Gala Day - how to
  • It is most important to keep your muscles warm during the Gala, prior to swims. So, after your warm-up swim and competition swims CHANGE INTO A DRY COSTUME. Don’t wander around in we kits, getting your muscles into a state of tension. Look after yourself by wearing a tracksuit or something similar.
  • MAD swimming hats and/or swimsuits should be worn when swimming for the club. Other team kits is optional and available from the club shop
  • During the gala, light snack-type meals are best as they are easily digested and you will feel more comfortable. You will be able to eat a large meal at the end of the gala!
  • Don’t eat sweets and crisps on poolside.
  • Do what suits you during the Gala, between swims. This means that you can do your homework, read, listen to music, chat to your teammates or ask for your coach’s advice.
  • Don’t sit in the same position for several minutes. Keep moving about, keep flexible. Perhaps a few stretching exercises – your coach will help if you don’t know any.
  • Encourage your team-mates. Everybody performs better with people behind them shouting them on, but do remember to be quiet for the start of the races.
  • Before and after each race talk to your coach for advice on how to swim the race and then for feedback on how you swam and more importantly how to improve