How to Join

We accept swimmers aged 8 to 100.  If you are a masters swimmer (over 18), we will arrange for you to meet us during a masters swimming session best suited to your abilities. For all other swimmers, we hold new member events to assess a swimmers ability, which includes:

1.    Stroke technique
2.    Level and experience
3.    Water skills / competitive skills
4.    Confidence

On the day, please come onto poolside with your swimmer and wait by the small pool.  After the assessment swimmers are told what session they are suitable for. If they wish to join, they must complete the membership process which includes a fee to ASA (Swim England), paid through the club. The swimmer may be invited to try their new session after the trial, if they wish.

All swimmers should wear tight fitting swimwear (not beachwear) and a hat/goggles. Once a member, swimmers need a Matlock hat costing £5 from the coaches or club shop.  It takes around 2 weeks for new members to settle, so if you see the swimmer struggling with the training, please don't be alarmed - the coaches will be working with them to adapt the sessions for them.  Swimmers progress is regularly reviewed and may be invited to move up to a more demanding session.

Once you have decided to join, you will be asked to complete the registration form.

Main pool swimming

Matlock encourages competitive swimming and as such, the training sessions are programmed around those who are actively competing. This does not mean that your experiences within training will be different if you choose not to compete; the training will support all swimmers and focus on technique, strength and conditioning.  Matlock is inclusive so please share information about yourself so that we can adapt training to suit you. 

Swimmers with disabilities

Our location at the Arc means that we can accomodate swimmers with disabilities. We welcome everyone into our club and do our upmost to ensure all swimmers are integrated into the team.  If swimmers have hidden disabilities please make sure coaches are aware of this, so that they can work with the swimmer and adapt the programme as required.