Live Event Results

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Club Records

Matlock and District Swimming Club Records

Matlock Club records can be viewed through the links on this page, if you think you have achieved a record please download and fill in the claim form. To claim a record it is YOUR responsibility to tell us. 

You have 3 months from the date of your swim to ensure you claim it.

Matlock will update the records on a regular basis – initially we will aim to update the records every 2 months.

If more than one record is broken within that time, your name will still be featured on the record board.

For example
Matlock updated records 15.11.19
Joe – 50 fc 31.90  dates 17.11.19
Bob – 50 fc 31.85 25.11.19
Matlock updates records again on 15.1.19 both of the above times would be put on to the records

Basic Rules regarding Records

  • They must be at official events
  • The events must have all officials
  • Evidence of the swim will be needed
  • You must be of the age on by the 31st Dec
  • Record claim forms must be handed in to coaches
  • There will be a folder within the registers for claims forms
  • Mistakes may occur due to the high volumes of events we do, if you have any issues, please highlight them to us, and don’t get upset just ask so we can make any necessary changes.