Monthly Fees

Fees are payable on a monthly basis and are not based on session attendance. Fees depend on the section you train in: 

***Session times and further information coming soon***


ASA Membership

In addition to your monthly membership there is a yearly ASA Membership, payable in January of each year.  This is essential for all club swimmers and officials at the club as it is the membership for the Governing Body of Swimming.  It covers insurance and membership fees towards Swim England, East Midlands and Derbyshire Swim Area Management.

There are three levels; Competitive, non-competitive and support.

Teaching pool swimmers would class as non-competitive as they don’t compete and will not feature on National rankings. Main pool swimmers would be classes as competitive with swim time and results ranked nationally, accessible on the ASA rankings database.   We advise all swimmers to keep and store their ASA membership number somewhere safe as it is needed on competition entry forms. If you are unsure of your membership number, please ask the club; or it can be found using your surname online. For more information on ASA membership click here

If memberships are unpaid:

Paragraph 4.3 of the Club’s Constitution provides that any member whose subscription is unpaid by the date falling 30 days after the due date for payment may suspended by the Committee from some or all Club activities from the date determined by the Committee until such payment is made. Of course, this step will be a last resort and if there is genuine financial difficulty please speak to committee member in confidence, because we do not wish to lose your valued membership, when it can be avoided. Paragraph 4.2 of the constitution enables the remission in whole or part of fees in special circumstances.