Affiliated to Derbyshire ASA and Swim England East Midland Region Ltd

MADSC Autumn Open Meet 2023

License Number: TBC (applied for)

 Level 3 Open Meet to be held under Swim England Regulations and Technical Rules [email protected]  

WHEN:  Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October 2023 

WHERE:  Arc Leisure Matlock, Bakewell Road, Matlock, Derbyshire.  DE4 3AZ 

Promoter’s Rules and Information 

 The MADSC Spring Open meet will be held under Swim England Regulations and Technical Rules of Swimming 

 Age groups are 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 & over.  

Ages as at Sunday 15th October 2023. 

 9 Years age group – 50m Events only 

The events are:  

50m:    Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke & Freestyle (9 years plus)  

100m:  Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke & Freestyle (10 years plus)  

200m:  Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle & Individual Medley (10 years plus)  400m:  Freestyle (10 years plus)  

800m: Freestyle (10 years plus)


For further information please download: MAD_Open_Information_Pack_Oct_2023.docx

SportSystem file:

Acceptance list: MADSC Autumn Meet 2023 - Accepted Entries.pdf


Live results:Event 1 Boys 400M Freestyle.pdf

Event 2 Girls 200M IM.pdf

Event 3 Boys 200M Breaststroke.pdf

Event 4 Girls 400M Freestyle.pdf

Event 5 Boys 200M Backstroke.pdf

Event 6 Girls 200M Breaststroke.pdf

Event 7 Boys 200M IM.pdf

Event 8 Girls 200M Backstroke.pdf

Event 9 Boys 800M Freestyle.pdf

Event 10 Girls 800M Freestyle.pdf

Event 11 Boys 200M Butterfly.pdf

Event 12 Girls 200M Freestyle.pdf

Event 13 Boys 50M Backstroke.pdf

Event 14 Girls 100M Breaststroke.pdf

Event 15 Boys 50M Freestyle.pdf

Event 16 Girls 50M Breaststroke.pdf

Event 17 Boys 100M Backstroke.pdf

Event 18 Girls 50M Butterfly.pdf

Event 19 Boys 100M Freestyle.pdf

Event 20 Girls 100M Butterfly.pdf

Event 21 Girls 200M Butterfly.pdf

Event 22 Boys 200M Freestyle.pdf

Event 23 Girls 50M Backstroke.pdf

Event 24 Boys 100M Breaststroke.pdf

Event 25 Girls 50M Freestyle.pdf

Event 26 Boys 50M Breaststroke.pdf

Event 27 Girls 100M Backstroke.pdf

Event 28 Boys 50M Butterfly.pdf

Event 29 Girls 100M Freestyle.pdf

Event 30 Boys 100M Butterfly.pdf

(please note these sometimes are not immediate. There will be initial and corrected files added throughout the sessions with final results shared following the Meet. Thank you for your patience).

Warm-up timetable: 

Session One – Sunday: 0820 Warm up – 0900 Start

Session Two - Sunday: Warm up 1040 – 1100 Start

Session Three - Sunday: 1320 Warm up – 1400 Start

Start lists: MADSC

Autumn 2023 Start list Session 1.pdf

                  MADSC Autumn 2023 Start list Session 2.pdf

                  MADSC Autumn 2023 Start list Session 3.pdf


As with all meets we require support from officials and volunteers so please do get in touch if you can help. All information for the meet will be shared and updated on this page.